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Civil Projects

Bandy Creek Esperance


Italia Stone Group / Department of Transport


Esperance, WA

Since the construction of the Bandy Creek Boat Harbour in the mid-1980s, a weir located at the rear of the dredged river mouth has protected the upstream Lake Warden System Ramsar Site from drying out; protected the boat harbour from sediment deposits; and provided a crossing over the creek.....Read more

CKI Defence compound


Department of Defence


Cocos (Keeling) Islands IOT

The Cocos (Keeling) Islands – located 3,000km off Australia’s west coast – are some of Australia’s most remote and isolated, yet strategically important locations for the ation’s Defence Force. The airfield on the island supports numerous Air Force operations and has been identified as requiring upgrades to landside infrastructure.

Carey was awarded the contract to carry out the construction of the new facilities, under competitive tender through the Federal Government’s Indigenous Procurement Policy (IPP) arrangements..

Tiwi Island Visitor Centre


Tiwi Enterprise Pty Ltd


Tiwi Islands, NT

Carey’s involvement with this project dates back to 2016; at which time budgeting and constructability advice was provided to Tiwi Enterprise to assist them to secure funding for their desire to have a safe method of boarding and disembarking from the Darwin ferry service and associated passenger terminal building. In mid-2018 with funding secured, Tiwi Enterprise and Carey entered into an ECI contract to oversee the design and development of the project.

Wongatha Way Alliance


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